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> Data collection – 4. purpose: staff recruitment / job applications 

Data collection – 4. purpose: staff recruitment / job applications 

What data?

Identification and contact details

Name, first name, age, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile phone, place of residence, country of residence, photo,...

Family status

Marital status, household composition,...

Information about personal preferences Hobbies

personal interests, personal preferences, ...

Information relating to school and professional careers

Cover letter, CV, language skills, school career, professional career, copies of diplomas and certificates, references, evaluations,...

Information about the job for which you are applying

Job description.

Other data

Other data that you consider relevant and that you send us as part of the recruitment process

Who is concerned?

Anyone applying for a position at thg


  • The management of applications for a job at thg;
  • Proposing similar job offers from a thg network member company.

On what legal basis?

  • Your consent: every person applying for a position with thg will receive the relevant information, in due time, which will enable him/her to give informed consent to the processing of his/her data.
  • Our legitimate interest: the processing of some of your personal data allows us to manage your applications as well as possible. For example, checking your diplomas.